Easy Technique for Customizing Hot Wheels Cars for Beginners

Nowadays, being a diecast collector is not a strange thing. The growth of toy collectors continues to increase; the type of diecast the collector is looking for is the Hot Wheels car. Hot Wheels is a miniature toy car. This miniature has a cool shape and it is similar to a real car.

If you are just starting to pursue this hobby, you certainly know that one of the funs of this hobby is to make a custom design on the parts of your collection of Hot Wheels. Making a custom design is fun because you can decide for yourself what parts you want to change, starting from simple things like changing the Model car stickers to adding more intricate interior details.

Gulf Racing Decals 1

Not only makes the collection more varied, the hobby of making custom designs can also provide achievements because some sponsors often make custom diecast competitions with prizes that are quite tempting. Especially for those of you who are still in the beginner stage and are interested in starting to modify your Hot Wheels car collection, here are some custom techniques that are easy to practice:

Hand painting – Hand painting is a diecast painting technique with the pattern or pattern you want. You can start making hand painting with an easy and simple pattern. When you get used to it, you can start making more complex patterns. For those of you who are still unfamiliar with modifying Hot Wheels car parts, learning to do hand painting in your collection is a basic thing that is quite easy to do. If you need a reference to make a painting pattern, you can learn a variety of factory-made Racing Decals.

Interior Detailing – Interior detailing means that you pay close attention to the interior of a miniature car. Modify the interior of the car so that it can appear more prominent and varied is its own satisfaction. For this one modification you must be extra careful and careful, because the diecast car interior is usually very small and detailed. In order to get the best results, use a magnifying glass under bright light so you can get better vision.

Engine Additions – If you like the fierce and sporty variants of Hot Wheels cars, modifying engine parts is something you must try. This technique can be done by providing additional engines on the front, back, side, or even on the car. The addition of this engine is more suitable to be applied to variants of cars with sleek bodies such as the Corvette and Gulf or big-bodied cars like Hummer and Combi. To make it look more frightening, you might add Gulf Racing Decals on your Hot Wheels Gulf.

Gulf Racing Decals 2

Tire replacement – Hot Wheels are generally carried out by those who like racing with diecast on special tracks. Not only can you increase speed, this method is also believed to be able to provide a new nuanced car so that the owner is not easily bored with his collection. Another way that you don’t get bored with Hot Wheels collections, you can change the sticker. There are many special sticker models for this miniature. If the Hot Wheels collection in your closet is dominated by sports cars, sticking Gulf decals is the perfect choice.

Those are some beginner Hot Wheels car customization techniques. It should be noted that although modifications to the miniature can make it look more cool and unique, this does not necessarily increase the selling price of the item in question. Therefore, make modifications with your own awareness and responsibility.